Travel Gear Spotting: HOT Pink Boombox 2Go

Written by Tanner

Barbie-bodacious Boombox!

Stop. Collaborate and listen…if you were alive in the 80’s & 90’s, you undoubtedly have fond memories of jamming out to Vanilla Ice and Ace of Base on a boombox that looked similar to this one (if you weren’t alive you really missed out, #haddawayrocks). You probably also remember that period of time when it the size of the music-blasting box on your shoulder was the measure of how cool you were, despite the strain it put on your back. Sadly, the whole boombox craze has phased out, and has been replaced by much smaller, and much lighter smart-gadgets, that instead of sending head-throbbing sound waves vibrating into the air for all to hear, transmit music via wireless headphones – jiga jiga whaaaaaaaa??!! So what do those of us do, who have been trained to think that stereos are the bomb, but need to assimilate into iCulture? The answer is blatantly clear: pick up the hot new hot pink iP4 Retro Boombox [$199] from iHome – duh.

Not only is the color Barbie-bodacious, but this portable speaker is super light weight and easy to take with you wherever you go. You don’t have to worry about losing the remote, magnets hold it in place atop the speakers. You will however have to worry about what you’re wearing when you take this out with you cause everybody is going to be looking your way! Did your iPhone batteries die from over use at your last disco a go go dance party? Just turn on the radio. Crank up the sound and max out the 15 watts of power pumping through 4″ woofers and 1″ tweeters. Open your eyes, see the signs, the possibilities are endless.

Music has never looked so chic…

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