Travel Gear Spotting: What You Need to Make Football Games More Chic

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It’s time for fall football, and you know what that means: people like me are going to be spending a lot more time on Pinterest. Well, normally that would be the case, except I accidentally went to the Bucs vs. Giants game this past Sunday. I was excited partly because I thought this could finally be the year that I begin to understand the game, and partly because I wanted to relive my crushed dreams of becoming a Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader.

Did I end up getting into the game? No. Did I relive my crushed dreams? No – I would have probably become a teen mom if I made the Bucs cheerleading team. Did I have fun? Oh yes, and it’s all because I took necessary precautions to make the event extra fashion-forward. Here is what you need if you’d like to do the same:

A chic friend. I brought my roommate. Neither he nor I know anything about football. I recall him asking at one point if “quarter-time is a thing?”

An outfit that is the antithesis of a jersey. I, for example, wore leather pants and a bold burgundy lipstick, and my roommate wore a tailored pink and white striped oxford. Yes, many, many, many, many, many comments were made/insults shouted.

A drink that is exponentially prettier and better tasting than beer. One of my top priorities before the game was chilling cans of Kahlua Iced Coffee. I’d rather be seen holding a sleek, tastefully colored can of Kahlua than a huge, unsightly Bud Light any day. Not to mention the fact that it was absolutely delicious coffee/alcohol perfection.

May your tailgating be chic from now on.

So much prettier than beer

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