Travel Spotting: Ever Wanted to go to F#cking?

Written by Gary

If you ever find yourself traipsing around Austria, you should stop by the rural village of Fucking, if for nothing else than to take a photo of yourself next to the sign.

The residents (of which there are about 100) of Fucking have lobbied to have the name changed to Fugging, which is exactly what I do when I don’t want to be too crude on social networking sites (this has happened 2 times).

Unfortunately their pleas fell on deaf ears, as there was previously another village in Austria who did the same thing.

I don’t really understand what the big deal is. If my hometown was called Fucking, I would plaster it all over the internet. Every single photo I had on Facebook would be next to the town sign. I would make a t-shirt that said I heart Fucking, and wear it everywhere I went.

I am from the South, after all. We were raised to be proud of where we came from. Even if that f#cking place is called Fucking.

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