Travel Spotting: Explore What’s Around And Below In The See-Through Canoe

Written by Olga

I wouldn’t wear a short skirt in this canoe. Just sayin’.

One of my biggest pet peeves growing up used to be field trips featuring canoeing. Unfortunately, when you live in a state with a lot of rivers or, in my case, The Chesapeake Bay, you can’t escape getting into a dirty narrow boat while being suffocated by an oversized life-vest and getting eaten alive by bugs at least once a year. Seriously, and then you have to row. Ugly life-vests, insects and rowing aside, if the canoes were as friggin’ cool as these, my childhood memories of all day jaunts on the water may have been happier. The see-through canoe is made of bullet-proof glass and travels lighter than your typical wood and aluminum canoes. The canoe is transparent all around so you can explore everything around you and everything below you. Kind of cool, huh? There’s even a see-through kayak for those of you more outdoorsy types.

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