Travel Spotting: Japanese Street Style

Written by Gary

Whenever you visit a place, I feel it is essential to try and get a real taste of the culture and effectively “Do as the people do.” This means that if you ever find yourself in Japan, you should try and dress like a cartoon whore. Japanese street style, especially in Tokyo, consists of dressing in bright colors and random scraps of clothing. I know this may seem like a foreign concept to you since in America, our fashion makes sense so I have put together these handy tips.

Dress like the love child of Gwen Stefani and Lady Gaga. Basically, your goal is to look like you walked into a Toys R Us covered in glue and just rolled around. The more random shit you can pile on, the better.

Use Japanese businessmen as inspiration. When putting your outfit together, imagine a Japanese businessman leering at you from across a sake bar. He is thinking about how long it would take to transport you to Rapetown, USA. If you don’t look like a 10-year-old cartoon prostitute, put some more bows in your hair.

Color your hair. You can do this with Koolaid relatively easily, or get yourself a neon wig from Party City.

Don’t try to match. Before you walk out of the house, take a look in the mirror. If you don’t look like the random fall-out after a terrorist bombing of Rainbow Bright’s garden, switch it up a little. In this game, the less you coordinate the better chance you have of fitting in.

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