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avicii vs nicky romero
Written by Gary

avicii vs nicky romero

We all have fantasies about abandoning our day jobs, moving to Barbados, sleeping with biker guys, making it rain dollar bills with big black strippers, and eating so much greasy food that our belts no longer fit. While this may sound like Lana Del Rey’s life, it is also a possibility for each and every one of your girls out there, sitting at your cubicle browsing on ShoeDazzle all day, just waiting for Happy Hour to come around so you can get drunk and throw yourself at the first finance douche that buys you a Tom Collins (PS, I am not knocking this ritual; frustrated finance guys are super hot in an Ambien-induced sleep-rapey sort of way).

Regardless of your situation, you must watch this video right now. Not only will it cheer you up by about 1,000 degrees, but it will probably also inspire you to throw an extra pair of panties into your clutch and hop on a plane to the Caribbean to dance the night away. I have never seen a smaller amount of fucks that were given, than those given by the woman in this video (a slightly paunchier version of Florence Welch).

So watch it now and then get inspired to escape your life. Just watch out for delivery trucks. (PS, I included some stills from the vid below. Every frame of it is like a work of art).

avicii vs nicky romero

avicii vs nicky romero

avicii vs nicky romero


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