Travel Spotting: Pack Prods for Your Man’s Guygiene

Written by Tanner

Don’t let your man’s guygiene slip while traveling…

Even if you don’t ‘wear the pants’ at home, we certainly all know who packs the pants when you and your man go on trips. So whilst you are stuffing his skivvies into his shoes and rolling his tees to save space for those hideous mandals you’ve been dying to throw out, don’t forget the most important thing to pack are manly grooming products your guy will actually use. Whether you and your man are backpacking across the alps, swinging through canopies in Costa Rica, or rafting down the Grand Canyon, it’s so great at the end of the day to be able to clean up and truly enjoy his company, as opposed to fixating on his b.o. or greasy face. Guys are picky when it comes to grooming products – they have to look masculine for them even to consider using something. Thus, I have hand picked four products that travel well and will do wonders for your man’s guygiene no matter where he is:

1. Hydroxatone Liftalyze Eye Lifting Serum [$80 online] Travel can be exhausting, with the change in time zones, busy agendas, poor sleep as a result of sleeping in a new place, etc. Fight the affects exhaustion can wreak on eyes, and have your man apply this lightweight serum which firms and tightens by stimulating key proteins and accelerating skin renewal for a smoother skin texture. Guys are most likely to be hesitant to use eye creams (even though they need them more than anything else!), so this serum is a great alternative, and it’s small enough to take on the go! shop online

2. Cane + Austin Retexturizing Bodypads [$70] These exfoliating body pads gently relieve rough dry skin to reveal a brighter, smoother body complexion. A one step, whenever/wherever glycolic treatment that gently exfoliates and retextures skin while helping to rebuild collagen. These are great if you don’t have access to a shower, say on a camping trip – he can use them on his face, his body, his hands, or wherever else needs targeted attention. No need to bring a moisturizer AND a body wash AND a face wash – one pad is good for all three! shop online

3. Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub [$19.95] Your man like it rough? Cut down on space in the suitcase with this all-purpose coconut cream and sea salt scrub: the ocean salt is great for exfoliating and cleansing the face and body, while avocado and coconut work together to hydrate thirsty skin. My favorite ingredient though has got to be the vodka (in a body scrub?!) which clears blocked pores, and helps even out blackheads and blemishes. shop online

4. Wei East China Herbal Age Delay Foaming Cleanser [$16] This soap-free, oil-free clean cleanser uses Chinese herbs with natural vitamins to brighten and balance skin. It gently targets oily zones while soothing dry areas. So whether you find yourselves on a humid beach or riding camels through the desert, be sure you bring this along to rejuvenate skin afterwards! shop online

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