Travel Spotting: Three Reasons to Visit Molokini, Hawaii

molokini hawaii
Written by Gary

molokini hawaii

Molokini is shaped like a moon. The island is actually a partially submerged volcanic crater, so the crescent shape is technically one half of the crater. Still, if you wanted to tell people you vacationed on the moon, you wouldn’t truly be lying.

Perfect scuba diving/snorkeling conditions. If you find yourself on a romantic jaunt (which I know, never happens in Hawaii), underwater sports are an awesome way to show your man that you aren’t some prissy indoors-only girl. The shape of the island protects divers from outside currents, and the eco-system is home to about 250 different species of marine creatures.

History. The volcano at Molokini erupted about 230,000 years ago (before the internet, if I’m not mistaken. During WWII, the US used the island for target practice because it is shaped like a battleship. In the 70’s and 80’s, the US also basically detonated underwater bombs, destroying much of the coral reefs. The point is, Molokini has been through a lot and survived. So you aren’t just scuba diving on a random island, you are experiencing a piece of US history.

molokini hawaii

molokini hawaii

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