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Travel Spotting: Tunnel of Lights, Japan

tunnel of lights, japan
Written by Gary

tunnel of lights, japan

Even though the Tunnel of Lights, in Nagashima, Japan only opened last week, it has already gained a reputation as one of the best lightshows in the country. The light show gives viewers a chance to experience the tranquility of a Japanese garden with a fantastical display of millions of LED lights. In some places the lights arranged in a straightforward tunnel, and in others they depict scenes, such as natural scenes like Mount Fuji and a rainbow.

The craziest part of it all is that the 7 million LED lights allegedly run on solar power, creating a display that is not only breath-taking but earth-conscious, too.

The Tunnel of Lights is at the top of my list of attractions to see, and I might actually be able to make it happen since the exhibition runs until March of 2013.

If I see it hung-over though (as I tend to be when I am on vacation), I will be that guy walking around in sunglasses at night.Β  I don’t care how amazing it is, light and hangovers do not mix.

tunnel of lights, japan

tunnel of lights, japan


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