Travel Spotting: Visit a Road-kill Runway Wildlife Crossing

Written by Gary

Wildlife Overpass, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

There are a lot of things in nature that I feel are a part of the natural selection process. Natural disasters, retarded animals, and fighting in the animal kingdom are obviously designed to cut down on animal population. I don’t think Mother Nature ever factored in the evolution of transportation technology though, so human-kind kind of railroaded her on that one.

Apparently, we are trying to make up for our misdeeds by creating wildlife roadways. Wildlife crossing structures are designed to help protect animals during their natural migration patterns and keep rednecks from feasting on road-kill stew. In places such as Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands these structures have been utilized to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals. Its a pretty peaceful way for humans and animals to co-exist.

Crab Migration in Australia

Ecoduct de Woeste Hoeve in the Netherlands

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