TRIATHLON For Girls Like Us!

Written by Lana

A step by step guide to prepare for your first Triathlon

The thought of a Triathlon is scary for most women; the overwhelming running distance puts us into pure panic and hesitation. But life is not a race, why should a triathlon be? Triathlons are a pure mental and physical challenge that will make you feel on top of the world after completing one.

Triathlon fo girls like us

Gloria Safar is a motivational coach that wanted to change the way that women viewed Triathlons. She wrote an inspirational book that specifically addresses training guides just for women. If men can do it, women can too! Gloria’s book, Triathlon For Girls Like Us is the perfect way to get up and start preparing for a rewarding experience. Even if you have participated in Triathlons in the past this book will enhance your next performance and if you are just starting out, this book is the ticket to success!

The book includes:

  • Expert opinions
  • Training plans
  • How to avoid injury
  • Triathlon nutrition
  • How to have fun while doing a triathlon
  • A race day checklist
  • Training logs
  • A list of “what ifs” and answers
  • And so much more!

Available on Triathlon For Girls Like Us for $9.32 (list price $12.95)

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