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Two fabulous finds for great looking skin!

Written by Linda

Organics & Restoration. A Girl’s Best Friend.

I love the summer.  The heat and the humidity don’t bother me.  I do notice that after a hot day my skin can feel a bit grimy.

One of the best products to help combat that grimy feel and give your skin an invigorating pick me up in the middle of the day is Gabriel Organics Sea Fennel Firming Tonic.  With sea fennel and ginseng root it feels similar to an astringent WITHOUT the burn—and despite its bracing clean feel, it is not at all drying.

Perfect to use after work, before refreshing your makeup for happy hour.

The second product I happened upon is Trilexon’s Restorative Night Crème.   Truth?  I ran out of moisturizer and for a quick fix I used this. It made my skin feel velvety soft and look even and flawless.  Since it IS a night crème it doesn’t have an SPF, but honestly, if I’m getting ready to go out at night and don’t need to worry about sun protection—this is the crème I find myself reaching for again and again.

Recently had a day shoot and used it.  Told myself it was an inside shoot so forgoing the sun block was ok, plus my makeup has SPF, I know excuses, excuses—but this stuff makes my skin looks so good I find myself making excuses to use for times other than before bed.

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