The Ugliest Cars of All Time

ugly cars
Written by Gary

These cars are so ugly it is a small wonder they were designed on purpose.

ugly cars

Fiat Multipla, proof that Fiat has always had questionable design ideas and is proudly producing some of the world’s ugliest cars.


When I was younger, my mom had a car called a ‘hornet’. I don’t remember much about it except how horrible it was. It was a bootleg hatchback, the color of nicotine, with wood paneling on the outside that was so tacky and old-school even Mike Brady would have balked at it (that’s the Brady Bunch father, in case you didn’t have cable back in the day). Needless to say, it was a hideous car.

Anyway, my point is that in this day and age of driverless vehicles, design has become a quality we all look for in cars.

That was not always the case. These cars are proof.

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ugly cars

Aston Martin Lagonda, an example of how “long and black” isn’t always a good thing.

ugly cars

1975 AMC Pacer, basically a Loritab on wheels.

ugly cars

Reliant Regal, the love child of a motorcyle and a British car.

ugly cars

AMC Gremlin. The name says more than I ever could.

ugly cars

Subaru Brat, AKA the Mary Kate to the El Camino’s Ashley.

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