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Unicorn Brushes Exist for Your Makeup

Written by Bryce
Longing for unicorn brushes for your makeup? Rejoice, the future is now.

If you love unicorns (who doesn’t?), makeup (obviously), and artsy things in general, good news — unicorn brushes for your makeup finally exist, and they’re even better than you would’ve imagined.

unicorn brushes

While the concept of unicorn brushes in general isn’t really a new one, the love of unicorn-everything is pretty much eternal, and there’s a new rose gold set in town. This is serious business, because it’s not just the rose gold, unicorn-curved handles that’ll have you feeling like the prettiest, prettiest princess in town — the brush bristles themselves are dip dyed to a majestic bright pink ombre that’ll leave you feeling like you’re living all your wildest middle school dreams, and we’re not mad at that.

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Unicorn Lashes, the maker of the brushes (and yeah, that’s really the name of the company), has been showing off their newest brush collection on Instagram, leaving the entire beauty world drooling with anticipation. The newest collection, although not yet for sale, is said to include ten pieces including powder, contour, fan, and eye brushes. Past collections have retailed around $70 each, so that may be a good indicator for where the price will eventually end up falling.

The company’s founder, Mel Blue, claims to be a “Blue Haired Unicorn originally from the Geordie land but now living in Kent with my boyfriend and a little Pomerarian pup.” She sounds legit enough to us.

And yeah, they’re willing to ship to the USA so even distraught makeup loving Americans can get their unicorn glam on, too.

Then came gold… 👑 #unicornbrushes #ROYALEcollection

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