Urban Realist: Mark Jenkins

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Beware: Mark Jenkins the “Urban Prankster” is creating FREE art

In Mark Jenkins newest project simply entitled, City, he not only takes his art to the streets, but also takes it with him across the world. Jenkins uses his innovative “street as a stage” technique to state something grander about today’s society we live in and exhibit art that the entire world can have access to, for free. His realism transcends in this project by creating mannequins of humans and animals, which are strategically placed right in the center of busy cities. In the past these mannequins have drawn a lot of attention due to their positioning in uncomfortable and unusual positions. Expanding from his not so common motif, he also creates some disturbing scenes in which he places his creations in ways where they look like they are stepping off of buildings, or lying on the top of billboards or on sidewalks.

What makes his work so unique is that he does not conform to the common day gallery and museum representation of art. It appears that he wants his art to be free and not a rarefied or modified piece; something that everyone can attain and have access to. His collection spans throughout numerous cities from Dublin to Rio de Janeiro to London and back to his hometown, Washington DC.

Mark Jenkins creativity and sense of humor shines through in this newest project. The art he creates is obviously saying something grander about the modern condition of today’s society. Yet he is doing this with a whimsical and satirical tone back lite by beauty.

Images courtesy of Mark Jenkins Online Gallery

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