A Heart-Shaped Rock and Dangerous Blowhole, Maui

Nakalele blowhole, maui
Written by Gary

Hawaii is sort of the go-to place for a destination wedding, especially if you aren’t  rich, gay, or creative (there is a fine line between the three). Still, if you want to plan a wedding in Hawaii, there are several ways you can spice it up a bit, one such idea being a visit to Nakalele point, in Maui to seek out the heart-shaped rock hole.

Nakalele blowhole, maui

The Nakalele blowhole is a hole in a rocky shelf located above the ocean. When the surf is heavy it creates a huge geyser effect, shooting water 100 feet into the air, and sucking down unexpecting tourists into the watery depths below. For this reason it is considered pretty dangerous to try and stage a photo op, but if you want to start your marriage off with a little excitement, it’s worth the hike.

The tide pools and rock formations in the area were created naturally by lava, so there is also a strange heart-shaped cavity that would make for some excellent instagramming. If you are going to get married in Hawaii, you might as well have some great photos to make everyone that couldn’t afford the flight jealous, so the heart-shaped cavity and the Nakalele blowhole should be at the top of your to-do list (just under constant island sex and draining the hotel minibar).

Nakalele blowhole, maui

Nakalele blowhole, maui

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