Want smarter kids? Try living near a park.

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Science suggests living near a park can boost childhood brain development.

Sure, a view is always nice, but living near a park may offer more significant benefits than just the sounds of birds chirping and children playing. Researchers from Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) in Spain studied data from 1,500 children collected during 2003-2013 and performed two types of attention tests at four to five years old, and then again at age seven.

Central Park, New York

The study, published in the journal Environment Health Perspectives, found that living near a park at distances of 100, 300, and 500 meters all impacted the subjects’ cognitive test performance. Children living in greener spaces and areas performed better on their attention tests time and time again. These mandatory green rooftops prove that France is, once again, ahead of the curve.

“This data does not surprise me,” says Dr. Victoria Mann Simms, president of the Simms/Mann Institute and founder of CuddleBright Experience. “Research in the field of early child development clearly demonstrates that all aspects of children’s development — physical, cognitive, social and emotional, are interrelated. It would make sense that access to physical activity would help promote executive functions, which are crucial for cognitive learning.”

Make sure you get them fun play clothes, too.

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