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What I Love: Instant Beauty Gratification

Written by Ashley

These picks will give you what you need, in a jiffy.

Looking to change your look? These picks will get you looking fiiiiiiiiiiiine, in an instant.

Instantly Create Smooth Hair: While a thick, mask-like conditioner is always a good move, prepping with a treated shampoo, minus the sodium chloride, is hard to come by.  I’m currently obsessed with Obliphica’s Original Treatment Shampoo, containing natural softeners, antioxidants (from Sea Buckthorn, duh) & nutrients that has seemingly brought my Moroccanoil hair mask to a whole new level. With a protective layer that stabilizes the hair & scalp’s pH level, it fixed, and continues to fix, my dry-hair woes after just 1 shampoo. Plus, the handy pump bottle is shower & travel friendly. Love.  $33 [buy]

Instantly Appear Photo Ready: After a full makeup application that seems to fall flat in the glow department, a killer highlighter that won’t muss up any of my perfect application, always is angelic. Lately, Girlactik Beauty’s Chic Shine not only had the best name of a product line in the galaxy, but it produces a believably dewy glow, without looking like a disco ball, so you can kick dull skin to the curb. Even if you’re just running out, this will make bare skin glisten with a natural glow. And thankfully, the compact is perfectly teeny enough to keep in your purse for pretty-cheek touch-ups, and after-lunch corner of the eye revivals. $16 [buy]

Instantly Look Years Younger: If you’re on the extreme side, when it comes to wrinkles, instant gratification usually doesn’t come with the package. While uber pricey La Prairie creams require a dedicated schedule, and the willpower to use with diligence to get the full effects, that often seems much easier than going under the knife, or getting a needle all stuck up in your forehead.  Rejoice: now you don’t have to choose either.  Pelleve, the honest-to-heavens, no-joke ‘lunch time’ treatment, gives a fresh, youthful appearance after just one trip to the doctor’s office. No needles or knives for miles. The process, including some clear goop on face and a warming rod, feels like the nicest little facial massage on the planet, and uses heat to form of electromagnetic waves, which are absorbed by the surrounding tissue, creating a heated treatment zone to break down collagen, and reform it, bigger and better than ever. While I admit, my 24 years of life has not yet struck me with wrinkles from hell… but I see lines that I’d love to prevent from getting any worse, and this nixed any sign of them.  Prices Vary [physicians in your hood]

Side Effects from my Pelleve procedure Dr. Lorenc’s UES office? Although I’m normally a little pink-faced, as an Irish person, the redness was quite robust after the process — the same I get after running a couple of vigorous miles. After that, mild (welcomed) swelling lasted for a couple of days afterward, making me look like I was 17  again, with results getting better and better for up to 3 months.. All sorts of magical. I officially give Pelleve two, ready for prom, 17 again, thumbs up.
Also: products were provided for review, but I loved ’em.

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