What is Your Scale Telling You About Your Weight?

workout motivation
Written by Gary

I ran across this photo on my sister’s Facebook feed. It depicts motivational words of encouragement written directly on a scale by her friends. Even though my sister is in great shape, sometimes its hard to find the motivation to work out, so enlisting the help of your friends is a great way to convince yourself to get off the couch.

workout motivation

It is also a daily reminder that you have a strong support system, and friends that care about you no matter what your weight.

My friends however, are assholes.

Here is a list of the things they would write on my scale:

1. Ouch, you weigh more than the catering truck on the set of Here comes Honey Boo Boo.

2. No matter how skinny you get, you will still look like a wrinkled old leather Coach bag.

3. Congratulations on beating anorexia. With a stick. Of Butter.

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