What NOT To Do To Your Car

Written by Emily

Hey dude, I’m totally poking your ride right now.

Pimpin’ aint easy, but when it comes to pimpin’ your ride; don’t take your lesson from these dudes. As for “Facebooking” your car, should I poke it by ramming into the side of you? If Facebook had the requested “dislike” button, that’s what you would get. FAIL.

With Labor Day quickly approaching, what better way to end Summer than with some watermelon. Don’t get me wrong, I effing love that ish. Put some vodka in it and it’s like I’m 20 all over again. However, painting the outside of your car to look like the yummy treat with the inside all red? I’m not too sure. If it’s attention they want, it sure is attention they get.

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