When you need to know…

Written by Aliza

When I wake up in the morning, there are three things I immediately need to know:

1. Who is this person next to me

2. Do I need an umbrella today

3. Is it iced coffee weather

Although I struggle with the first two, number three is now the easiest part of my day with:


Soon I hope to have all my decisions made for me by an HTML loop script. Ideally, the next one would tell me if eating ribs in a given situation is appropriate or not.

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a born and bred Manhattan-ite who graduated Lehigh University in 2007 with a degree in Journalism. She currently lives with her two patient roommates and works for Valentino Fashion Group where she handles a lot of garment bags, answers a lot of phones, and does a lot of what anyone tells her to (most eagerly in PR and Marketing). She favors brunch over lunch, heels over flats, tequila over vodka, downtown over uptown, and a tropical destination over pretty much anything else in the world.

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