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Why Laughter is Good for Your Health

The health benefits of laughter
Written by emilyc

When you type “LOL,” I hope you mean it. Laughter has some pretty fabulous effects on the body. Staying in and watching SNL classics does a body good. Laughing with friends each day keeps the doctor away. You get the point. Scroll down to learn more about why laughter is good for your health (LOL)!

The health benefits of laughter

Blood flow: Researchers at the University of Maryland conducted a study examining the effects on blood vessels of people watching comedies versus people watching dramas. After the screening, the blood vessels of the group who watched the comedy were totally normal, expanding and contracting with ease. The blood vessels in people who watched the drama tended to tense up, restricting blood flow.

Sleep and relaxation: Laughter helps the pituitary gland release pain-suppressing opiates. It also helps suppress stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, so if pain or stress is getting in the way of your sleep, you may need to watch Comedy Central.

Immune response: Immune system response is inversely proportional to the amount of stress in your life. The more stress you experience, the lower your immune system response will be. Studies have shown that the ability to use humor may increase the level of infection-fighting antibodies in the body and raise the levels of immune cells.

Blood sugar levels: America’s obesity problem could mean that we just aren’t funny enough. A study of 19 people with diabetes looked at the effects of laughter on blood sugar levels. After eating, the group attended a long and, well, un-funny lecture. On the next day, the group ate the same meal and then watched a comedy. After the comedy, the group had lower blood sugar levels than they did after the lecture.

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