Win Wonderful Skin with the WONDERBAR!

Written by Danielle

We love skin care products here at The Luxury Spot, but especially products that practically work magic on your skin! What makes WONDERBAR work so many… wonders? Two natural ingredients that you’ve probably never heard of, but are incredibly beneficial: Heilmoor, a natural Austrian clay containing over 700 herbs and plants,  and Chlorey’nahre, “a unique formulation derived from algae” to keep our skin looking hot!

Dying to get your skin looking fresh and gorgeous in time for the spring? Not to worry – we’re giving ten of these WONDERBAR-Mini’s away!

Mini-WONDERBAR, 25gm, $40.00 value

Sensitive enough to be used anywhere on the skin, I’ve been using this bar twice a day on my face for the past two weeks in hopes of clearing my face up. And so far, I’ve truly been wowed by the improvement on my complexion. Who knew it could be so simple?

Want to get in on the secret powers of WONDERBAR ? Sign up here to enter the giveaway!

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