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Winter 2015 Beauty Essentials

Written by Bryce

My Winter 2015 beauty essentials are so cute I’m thinking of making them do year-round duty.

It’s been possibly the most uncalled for, brutal winter since… well, Winter 2014. Frankly, I didn’t sign up for Siberian citizenship, but I have had to learn a thing or two about keeping my beauty game on point whilst battling Arctic air masses since Al Gore’s tongue slip where he meant to say “global freezing.” So, I present to you my absolute faves as of late for the Winter 2015 beauty game– all are able to battle that inner Siberian feeling you likely have right now.

Clockwise, shall we?

1. Sultry, deep fragrance. I’m a huge fan of deeper notes for winter months and Thierry Mugler ALIEN is exactly that, but better. It has rich notes of vanilla and solar accord, but without the heaviness most winter scents propose. Truly one of my favorites, and it smells absolutely delish on a variety of natural body scents. Available here.

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2. Your hair needs a snack, too. But seriously, Hair Food is the recently launched line from Clairol that focuses on whole, real ingredients to heal and restore strands to their natural glory. I happen to have a major crush on the Honey Apricot scented hair mask they came out with, and it’s perfect for battling dry winter air, static, and other hair drama you don’t deserve. Also, it makes your head smell like a fabulous tea party, and I’m about that life. Available here.

3. Have you even heard of Micellar Water? You need to. In the words of the late and great Biggie, “if you don’t know, now you know.” Micellar water will change your cleansing game. It’s a one-stop-shop for lazy gals of the world (don’t lie to yourself, we’re in this club together): pour a little on a cotton pad or two, and swipe all over your face and neck to remove makeup, cleanse, and hydrate all at once. If you’re heading out of town and want to cut down on things you’re packing, this is your main beauty squeeze and it’ll easily take you through hot and humid months, too, thanks to the light and weightless formula. If the scientist who made this product is out there, bless you and all of your forthcoming generations. Oh, and it’s cheap at drugstores. Available .

4. Your lips deserve roses and fashion. There are a million lip products out there, but how many of them smell like roses, offer subtle pink tint, and come encased in rhinestones? That’s what I thought. Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy is fab and smells great, but, it’s also just about the chicest little thing to keep in your pocket. The crystallized version is $45 at Kitson (here), but the plain jar version is so inexpensive you’ll probably buy one for every handbag. Available here.

5. Can we stop with the deep burgundy already? Remember in 2008 when every girl ever had that deep, dark shade of burgundy on her nails throughout the whole winter? This is winter 2015 and I want that to be officially retired till it’s considered chic in a retro way in like 2044. Frosty, fun colors have made a big comeback (no nail art, please, you need to exit 2013 as well) and I’m loving this Morgan Taylor polish in Best Ball Gown Ever. You’ll get compliments from generally happy people, and every little girl with a love of the movie Frozen. Available here.

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