The World’s Dirtiest Man

worlds filthiest man
Written by Gary

The world’s dirtiest man hasn’t bathed in 60 years.

worlds filthiest man

You can call me a clean freak if you want, but I bathe at least once a day. If there is even the slightest chance that I might get laid, I also shave my entire body, including my balls, every time I shower. This may seem like a lot of maintenance, but luckily I am part Asian so my body is about as hairy as a tile floor.

An Iranian man called Haji has no such rituals however, and hasn’t bathed in 60 years. After suffering some emotional trauma as a child, Haji came to feel that bathing would make him sick. He now lives in the Dejgah Village in Fars, Iran and survives on the streets.

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Haji doesn’t even like his food or water to be clean, surviving on raw meat from dead animals, drinking water from an old oil-can, and smoking animal feces. He feels like sleeping near the Earth will keep him grounded, so at night he hunkers down in a hole in the ground, wears rags, and burns his hair off when it gets too long.

While I do feel like we could do without some of our modern amenities like deodorant containing aluminum, and hair conditioner that is tested on virgin albino angora bunny rabbits, rinsing your balls off once and a while is never a bad thing. I cannot possibly even fathom what this poor guy smells like, and I have ridden the train with (and even sat beside) homeless people so pungent that the windows fogged up.

worlds filthiest man

worlds filthiest man

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