World’s Most Expensive Caviar is Also World’s Most Expensive Food

worlds most expensive caviar
Written by Gary

The world’s most expensive caviar (also the world’s most expensive food) is rare albino fish eggs laced with gold.

worlds most expensive caviar

I just tried caviar accidentally for the first time the other day, and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I can finally understand why the world loves it so much. I’m now excited to try the world’s most expensive caviar, which happens to be the world’s most expensive food in general.

Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell has straight-up one-upped a bitch in the caviar department by inventing a caviar made from rare albino sturgeon fish eggs laced with 22-carat gold. Gruell’s caviar, called Strottarga Bianco, is thought to be the most expensive food on the planet, and at $40,000 per teaspoon, I can totally believe it. I’ve been a longtime fan of upping the snob factor of my foods by adding gold flakes, diamond dust, and servants and this fits perfectly into my plan to make even my bowls of cereal fancier than the rest of the human population can fathom (although I assume there’s already diamond dust floating in the cereal milk of Saudi Arabia).

Walter, please feel free to invite yourself over to our NYC offices whenever you’re in town. Just make sure you bring a little of the world’s most expensive caviar with you, mmmkay?

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worlds most expensive caviar

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