WTF of the Day: $850 Hair Straightener

Written by Ashley

What does purchasing $850 for a hair straightener get you? 600 degrees of heat and a spot on my sh*t list.

Ok, so I understand bejeweling your phone (ahem, Paris Hilton) with tons of Swarovski jewels while you show it off dancing on tables in bubble gum pink shoes at Tenjune — but who the EFF is seeing your straightener enough to care how much bling it’s got? HUH?

Swarovski: we love you for making this – it’s your thing. I get it. Even if it does take 1 girl 1 day to apply the crystals for 1 straightener (!?)

Consumers: $850? With all that’s going on in the world? Really? You can get a killer straightener for far under $100, for the love of GOD.Β  If you purchase this, you’re what’s wrong with America.

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