Yoga with Goats!

yoga with goats
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Yoga with goats is a thing!

Yoga with goats is now a thing, people. Adjust your schedules and lifestyles accordingly.

yoga with goats

Maybe I just haven’t done much yoga in my time, but I find that having any kind of distraction while I exercise blows my concentration. I am alone in this apparently, because there is a farm in Oregon that holds yoga classes with goats.

The “No Regrets Farm” in Willamette Valley, Oregon hosts a slew of outdoor events, so it was only matter of time before they were approached by a yoga instructor interested in holding classes. The goat interaction was an interesting surprise, but surprisingly the yogis didn’t mind (do yogis really mind anything, though?). The class caught on so much that people were driving over 100 miles to attend — not surprisingly all the way from hipster-rich Portland.

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According to Lainey Morse, the owner of the farm, people found the presence of the goats to be stress relieving, even though sometimes they would come and sit on top of the participants. The class was so successful that the farm has added two more classes this month alone, including September 10 and September 24. I guess some soft goat-enhanced cuddling during your exercise routine is actually nice, especially since you are in the outdoors on a farm in the middle of nowhere. My only real concern is that farms tend to smell sort of earthy (like animal poop), so that might detract from the whole experience.

If crazy yoga trends are your bag however, you should probably make your way to Oregon immediately. The Instagram pics alone would be worth the drive.

yoga with goats yoga with goats

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