Yum Alert: Honey Cloud Pancakes

Written by Olga

These pancakes look so fluffy and delicious I want lick the screen.

These pancakes look so fluffy and delicious. I love the idea of loading them up with fruit. Healthy, right? RIGHT?!?


2 large eggs

1/4 cup of warmed milk

1/4 cup of flour (plain will do, I used 00)

1 pinch of salt

2 teaspoons of honey

1 dash of vanilla extract

1 tablespoon of butter

Soft fruits



Heat the oven to 200 Degrees Centigrade

Heat a small 6β€³ oven proof frying pan

Carefully separate the egg yolk from the white

In one bowl whisk the egg white until it is white and peaky

Mix the second egg with the flour, salt, honey, and vanilla then whisk in the warm milk

I used 1/2 tsp of baking powder in one pancake but I am not sure it made much difference

Gently fold the egg white into the batter with a metal spoon

Melt one tablespoon of butter in the hot pan

Pour the fluffy batter in and cook for a few minutes until starting to set at the very edges

Sprinkle some fruit on top

Bake the whole lot in the hot oven for 7 minutes until puffed up and golden

Drizzle with honey

Image and recipe via Things We Make.

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