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Yum Alert: Make Your Own PEEPS!

Written by Ashley

Yeep!! Make your own Peep!

YEP. You read it correctly. Make your own marshmallow-y Easter staple.  PEEPS!!!  Once you overcome the emotionally all-consuming joy, please shop for these ingredients below and get to peepin’.

~ 3 Cups Sugar
~ 1 Envelope Un-flavored gelatin
~ Liquid yellow Food Coloring
~ Gel yellow Food Coloring
~ 1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
~ 1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
~ Medium Saucepan
~ 2 Small Bowls
~ Measuring Cups and Spoons
~ Mixer and bowl
~ Whisk Attachment
~ Cookie Sheet
~ Aluminum foil
~ Small sugar sieve
~ Candy Thermometer
~ Spatula
~ Piping bags
~ 1/2 inch round tip
~ Toothpick
~ Zip top bag

image, ingredients via &  recipe found on instructables.com

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