10 Quick Fixes for Dirty Hair

Written by Allison
Allison shares her fave quick fixes for dirty hair, because science.

You know when you get up in the morning and OMG you have to be at work in less than an hour and you’ve got a commute? And on top of it all you look in the mirror and your hair looks greasy? Yeah. Been there. Here are ten easy quick fixes for dirty hair that’ll leave you looking totally decent.

1. Dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the fastest way to spruce up less than clean looking hair. Really, it’s a given. Some favorites are Batiste for a very powdery (extra matte) fix, it will probably just take a little working in. Less powdery formulas so you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting to the office with white dry shampoo stripes in your hair (been there too) are the name of the game. One to try: Kenra Dry Shampoo.

dry shampoo

2. Texturizing powders. If your hair isn’t too dirty, try out a texturizing powder. It will add a lot of oomph to lank hair, and powders (as opposed to the traditional sea salt style of texturizing spray) will help soak up any oil that may creep in during the day.

3. Too much hairspray? Ok. So maybe you actually got your stuff together in the morning (or the night before, bonus points for you) but after styling your hair you got a little Good Morning Baltimore and used half a can of hairspray on your head. Helmet hair isn’t exactly a cute thing so reach for a water spray (like Avene) or even a hydrating face spray and give your hair a very light mist over. It will help to break up the hairspray and chill out your look.

crown braid

4. Big voluminous braids. If you’ve got a little more time try out a big braid. An easy way to add some volume and oomph to the braid is to just tease out little pieces of your braid to take up more space. If you’re up to it, try a crown braid, wrapping around your hair line will cover any tell tale greasy roots and is always good for compliments.

5. Lots of oil. Go for the sexy wet hair look and give your hair a much needed treat. It’s fashion week season which means more and more celebs and haute couture runways are opting for the wet hair look. I mean did you see Kim Kardashian at the MTV Music Awards? Do That. Add a rich, sleep oil to your hair and slick it back for quick hair mask and double duty hair style. Add more sparingly and you can eek out a little more texture through the ends like Kimmy K and rock that oily hair look. One to try: Leonor Greyl (it’s also a great deep conditioner).


6. Rough blow dry. A quick blow dry will keep things from looking too slicked to the sides of your head. If you have 5 minutes and no products whatsoever try just blasting your hair with your blow dryer. This will help to break up the dreaded dead lanky locks look and will help to add volume at the root that shows the oily weight the most.


7. Strategically placed headband. The possibly easiest way to combat a greasy hair line is to straight up cover it with a head band, or a hair accessory, or fascinator if you’re feeling fancy. If all of your hair is looking a bit messy, try bundling it all in with a princess roll. Yes, you can be royal with dirty hair.

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8. Poof up that front piece. Like Snookie, but cuter. Adding volume at the crown all you need to do is brush out, pin up, done! No bumpit required. This will lift your face and hair to make you look like a brighter cleaner human being.

9. Brush it out. With a boar bristle brush like the Mason Pearson. You’ll feel all fancy and distribute that oil though out your hair to really break up the oil and there is the bonus added health benefits for your hair. You maybe don’t need to go as far as 100 strokes a day, but on particularly oily days, give a few extra brushes through just to work the oil down. While regular brushing isn’t necessarily one of the most dramatic quick fixes for dirty hair, it certainly is one of the easiest.


10. All else fails. Hats are trendy now! Depending on your needs a hat can actually make your life a lot easier. Running errands? Pop on a baseball cap. Need to look fashionable and chic? Wear a wide brim felted hat. They will keep your hair out of your face and all covered up. Plus you can blame any hair faux pas on hat hair.

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