10 Vaseline Beauty Hacks to Try Now

Written by Allison

These vaseline beauty hacks will save your wallet some serious cash.

Vaseline is one of the oldest beauty products we still use today. It’s a solid case of if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We use it from everything from covering minor burns (hi, flat iron) to a multitude of Vaseline beauty hacks. Basically there’s nothing Vaseline can’t do.

1. Tame Eyebrows

Sick of crunchy eyebrow gel? Us too, it’s the worst. Instead of using your usual clear mascara for setting your brows in place, try Vaseline. It works like a clear pomade to hold your brow hairs in place. Just brush over with a finger or a clean spoolie.

2. Hydrate Lashes

We’re all about keeping our eyelashes as healthy as possible. Things like waterproof mascara, lash glue, and even eyelash extensions can wreak havoc on your natural lashes. Keeping them hydrated can help to keep your lashes soft and fluttery. Just graze over your lashes after cleansing at night.

3. Remove Stubborn Makeup

You can totally use Vaseline to take off eye makeup too. Like an oily eye makeup remover, Vaseline helps to melt away stubborn makeup. We suggest working into your skin with a finger and removing with cotton fluff or a cotton swab for detailed removal. This is one of the oldest, most classic Vaseline beauty hacks out there for a reason — it works.

4. Softening Lip Scrub

There’s totally no need to spend ten bucks on a sugar based lip scrub. All you need is a light layer of Vaseline and a washcloth. The Vaseline works as a buffer to keep you from getting literal rug burn on your lips and hydrates your lips at the same time. Just smooth on and rub off in circular motions to get soft lips.

5. Seal in Lip Oil

For lips in need of some serious TLC, layering up hydrating products is your best bet. After several days of wearing matte lipsticks we like to seal in a hydrating lip oil with Vaseline.

Just apply your lip oil and apply the Vaseline right on top. It will hold the lip oil in place and make sure it sinks in to sooth your lips.

6. DIY Glossy Lids

Glossy lids is one of our favorite looks right now. Don’t have a dedicated eye gloss? Get the same effect with a light layer of Vaseline. It’s not going to be nearly as shiny but it will give you a pretty velvety finish.

7. Dewy Highlighter

Same goes for your cheekbones. You’ll get that non-glittery, almost wet look by using vaseline as your highlighter. Just dab over your cheekbones for best results.

Mixed with the DIY glossy lids, this highlighter is actually perfection.

8. Create Piecey Hair

Want a beachy look without drying out your hair with salt sprays? This is one of our favorite Vaseline beauty hacks! Just lightly curl your hair and create the piecey effect with a small amount of Vaseline between two fingers. Pinch together random sections to get that sea babe look.

9. Facial Massage

Facial massage is a great way to give your skin a treat, and it’s awesome during allergy season for easing sinus pressure. One key thing is making sure you aren’t tugging on your skin. Prepping your fingers with a thin layer of Vaseline makes sure you aren’t going to damage your skin while getting your massage on.

10. Prevent Blisters

Blisters aren’t beautiful. To keep new shoes from rubbing in all the wrong places you can use a thin layer of Vaseline to prevent rubbing. Only apply in the spots where you’re prone to blisters, or where the shoe rubs against your foot.

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