11 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts For Adults

Written by Allison

You’ll get a kick out of these funny Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine’s Day is nearly here which means it’s time to start stressing about what to get your one true love. For new couples keeping it light, and long term relationships built on laughter, you’ll need funny valentine’s day gifts ideas. These 11 choices can inspire inside jokes and a fun, laid back Valentine’s Day.

1. Wine Socks

Anti-slip socks? Check. Luxury combed cotton? Got it. Funny bring me wine slogan? These socks have it all. These very much needed socks are less than ten bucks, pair them with your love’s favorite bottle of wine for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s both funny and practical. Wear ’em while drinking a glass of trendy orange wine.

2. XL Wine Glass

Wine and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. This wine glass can hold a full 18 oz of wine and it’s inscribed with a funny saying – “Love the wine you’re with.” Get it? Check out our wine pairings with diet foods guide.

3. Anti-Valentines Day Mug

Love Valentine’s Day but your partner doesn’t? Get their sentiments in a keepsake with this anti-Valentines Day mug (and these hysterically funny coffee mugs are great ideas, too).

4. I love You Toilet Paper

Nothing quite says love like buying the good toilet paper, right? Wipe your tush with this.

5. Quote Pillowcases

Novelty pillowcases don’t need to be a throw-pillow exclusive. Snuggle up with these full sized pillowcases with the quote “There is no one els I’d rather lie in bed and look at my phone next to…” Modern romance at it’s finest. Just remember how often you’re supposed to wash your sheets and bedding, okay?

6. Get It On Candle

Your partner may not share your love of candles but they’ll probably enjoy the sentiment of this Get it On Candle.

7. Funny Swear Bear

If you’re going down the Valentine’s Day teddy bear route, this bear shakes things up a notch with a touching, but hilarious novelty pillow.

8. Giant Teddy Bear

Do you remember that giant teddy bear that went viral a few months back? Reviewers on Amazon showcase how this giant snuggle buddy has wildly disproportionate legs that are far longer than your average bear. You can still buy the long legged bear if you can budget $100 for a gag gift.

9. Pizza My Heart Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is nerdy and sweet! Tell your favorite person they have a ‘pizza’ your heart. Ugh, we crack ourselves up.

10. Cringe Cat Tee

Cringy cat graphics alone guarantee laughter at this tee shirt, add a punny quote and this tee is sure to have your valentine cracking up.

11. Ice Cream Card

None of these funny Valentine’s Day gifts saying quite the right thing? This slightly raunchy card can do all the talking for you.

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