8 Beauty Benefits of Using a Humidifier

Written by Allison

The beauty benefits of using a humidifier are plentiful.

Cold, dry, blustery winter air is bad enough, but add in the dry air of a heated building? It’s amazing any of us get through winter without drying up and cracking into a million pieces (well, a lot of us get cracked fingertips, anyway). An easy way to get more moisture into the air is by adding it yourself with a humidifier. The health and beauty benefits of using a humidifier cover your whole body.

1. Reduces staticky hair

Reducing static was high on my list for reasons to get a humidifier this winter. There was a phase this year where everything was so dry and cold that every time I went to pet my poor cat, I shocked him. Adding that moisture into the air helps to prevent static all around including your hair. Tired of wisps of hair floating around your face? Try keeping a humidifier nearby. One of the biggest benefits of using a humidifier is just taming the consequences of otherwise dry air.

2. Keeps skin more hydrated

The other top reason for picking up a humidifier? My dry skin. Having had oily skin my whole life, dry skin is a new phenomenon. It’s not cute (try applying foundation over desert-floor-esque dry skin), it’s tight, and can be uncomfortable. Adding moisture into the air helps to keep the effects of dry winter air from sucking your skin dry. It also seriously helps keep cracked fingertips issues at bay.

3. Keeps lips from cracking

Same thing goes for lips! Waking up with dry, splitting lips is also tight and uncomfortable. Stave off dry winter chapped lips by drinking plenty of water, using your favorite lip balm, and turning on that humidifier at night. If that doesn’t work, read our list of the best lip balm picks.

4. Hydrate dry, flaky scalp

You can get chronic dandruff like flaky skin if your scalp gets super dry and stays that way. Adding moisture into the air doesn’t just help make your face dewy, it can keep your scalp hydrated and less likely to get dry and flaky. Culling your dandruff problem is one of the best benefits of using a humidifier.

5. Help allergy eyes

Is there anything worse than dry, rough, allergy eyes? If you are allergy prone you do need to be careful with using a humidifier. It should be fully cleaned regularly (every other day should do it) and you should use filtered or distilled water to prevent misting allergens right into the air. With that in mind, using a humidifier to keep your home right around the 50% humidity level can aid in reducing the effects of allergies.

6. Ease congestion

And it doesn’t just work for allergies, if you get a cold or sinus congestion during the winter, a humidifier can bring relief. Using a humidifier can even help to reduce your chance of getting acute sinusitis (which, having suffered many times, is the worst type of winter cold). A red, congested, sore nose can make you feel miserable and it can be difficult to hide with makeup.

7. Better Beauty Sleep

If you or a partner are losing sleep from snoring, a humidifier can help, but only if the snoring is caused by allergies or nasal congestion. Winter being cold season can be cause enough for that humidifier investment.

8. Ease Stress

You can now buy humidifiers specifically meant to be use with essential oils to diffuse scents. Many people find aroma therapy to be soothing during stressful times. Keep that stress (and worry lines) at bay simply by adding a couple of drops of eucalyptus essential oil (or your other favorite stress free scents) into your humidifier before turning it on.

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