12 Best Bridal Beauty Tips to Try Now

Written by Allison

Our best bridal beauty tips you can use for life.

Wedding beauty is an industry for a reason. We all want to look so great on our wedding days that in 100 years our great, great grand kids say we look good in old family wedding photos. To kickstart your super-hot wedding photos, we’ve got the best bridal beauty tips you need to try starting now.

1. Start drinking more water, now

Does anyone drink enough water? Start your clear, dewy skin routine ASAP by getting (and staying) hydrated. This is also a key point if you plan on drinking alcohol the night before the wedding. Keep it low-key, and drink lots of water so you don’t wake up dehydrated and hungover. Here’s how to drink more water when you’re just too busy. Being hydrated is one of the best bridal beauty tips by far, because it automatically gives you better skin, energy, and health.

2. Weekly hair masks

“The best beauty tip I can give is make sure you take care of your hair and skin as best as you can” says Sophia Porter, hairstylist and makeup artist. If you’re rocking crunchy hair ends go for a trim and opt for a deep conditioning hair mask once a week.

3. Start pinning styles

Figuring out your bride style shouldn’t be too hard. Go for what you love, and feels true to your normal style. If you’re a beachy gal, start researching wavy, loose, wedding hair styles to show your stylist. Porter also suggests finding styles you do not like to show your stylist as well.

4. Find the right moisturizer

Finding a moisturizer that works well for your skin and layers well under makeup can be a challenge. For oilier skin types, you may want to opt for a gel moisturizer like the Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel. For dry skin, the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate is a cult favorite.

5. Prime everything

Wedding days are hot, long, and include a lot of hugging. To keep your makeup on your face where you left it, it’s best to use a primer, everywhere. Prime your face, as well as eyelids to give your makeup a good base, and help it last longer. But literally prime everything — even eyelashes (lucky for you, we rounded up the best mascara primer products, too).

6. Find stylists you trust

Porter says when it comes to your hair or makeup artist, focus on “booking someone who is knowledgable, and will give you the best guidance and you can completely trust.” Having a stylist who will say sure to any style, even if it’s unflattering isn’t someone you want to book.

7. Don’t cut or color


We’re not saying to skip out on your regular trims, just don’t go for the big chop in the month or so leading up to your wedding. “Do not make last minute drastic decisions on your haircut or color before your wedding” says Tina Malhotra, stylist at L’Appartement NYC. Malhotra says wedding hairstyles advance take planning, so it’s best to keep your hair as close to the same as possible.

8. Final trims and refreshing touches


Avoid the wedding hair mishaps by opting for a little trim and color refresh two weeks before the wedding. Malhotra says “In most cases the hair trial has been done months in advance, so it’s important for the bride to keep length for her big day.” Don’t give your stylist a panic attack because you lopped off six inches but still want the same style.

9. Start testing waterproof mascara

PSA: not every waterproof mascara works for everyone. If you know you’ll be a cryer, start testing mascaras as soon as possible. Find a mascara that lasts through any episode of This Is Us and you’ll be golden. We like these mascaras for sensitive eyes, too.

10. Test lipsticks

Start testing lipsticks a few weeks in advance. It will be helpful in choosing the color, and formula you’d like on your wedding day. Rope your fiancé into it! Put of a potential lipstick, make out a bit, and see if you smudge Candy Yum Yum all over their face. This lipstick shade will make your yellow teeth look whiter.

11. You may need more blush


While testing out makeup for the big day, make sure to take photos in different lighting, with and without flash. Bright lights and flash can really wash you out in photos. Make sure your blush doesn’t disappear by applying a little more than your day to day wash of color.

12. Skip self tanner

Having a bronzed, sun kissed look is very modern bridal, but orange self tanner is not. Skip the bottle of Jergens sitting in the back of your cabinet and opt for a professional spray tan instead. You can talk to the technician about exactly how tan you want to be and you’ll get a much more even, realistic look.


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