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3 Thanksgiving Day Style Rules To Always Follow

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Still not sure what to wear tomorrow? Follow these three very important fashion rules to avoid upsetting your granny.

Happy almost Turkey Day fashionistas! If you’re still not sure what to wear tomorrow, follow these three very important fashion rules to avoid upsetting your granny (or your stomach)

1. Don’t dress like a skank.

Remember: you’re going to be spending the day with your family for goodness sakes, so keep those sexy cleavage baring tops tucked away for when you go out and booze it up on the town at night with your old friends from high school please.

2. Do don oversized sweaters.

There’s no better way to hide a food belly than chic, obnoxiously large, oversized sweaters. Just be sure to pair yours with skinny jeans (preferably ones with a great stretch) or leggings so you don’t look like a fat cow.

3. Get picture ready.

Whatever you do, sport something you know will look stunning in photos. After all, Thanksgiving is the day many families decide to take a crap ton of pictures!

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