$30 Million In Panajian Art Found In Long Island Garage

Written by Bryce

Arthur Panajian in the art world is considered on par with Rothko and some of the other greats of recent decades. Until recently, his once-stockpiled shed full of art went unknown.

Thomas Schultz and his friend Larry Joseph, both investors, bought the bungalow in Bellport, Long Island in 2007, hoping to renovate it.

“…inside they found thousands of paintings and drawings by obscure Armenian-American artist Arthur Pinajian, who had died in 1999 at the age of 85.

Pinajian, a former resident of the property who struggled to find success in the art world all his life, had instructed that the works be thrown away when he died. His wishes were ignored, and they remained gathering dust amid bugs, vermin and mould.

Mr Schultz, a local Bellport resident and his friend Mr Joseph, a writer and businessman, paid an extra $2,500 for the art collection and set about restoring it.”

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