5 Funs Ways to Get Artsy

Written by Bryce

Fun for the whole family? Yes, please.

Did you know that the right side of your brain is responsible for all things artsy? That means you’ll be getting all your oil painting skills, musical talent, and intuitive thoughts from your right side… and that’s pretty impressive. So whether you’re a grown-up or a toddler, here are my Top 5 Fun Ways to Get Artsy:

1. Creative Crayons. Everyone loves crayons, but what kid (or geeky husband) wouldn’t love these recycled crayons in fun lego shapes? For $6.95 you can doodle your way around town, or just build some pretty cool stuff.

2. Family Tie Dying. Spend your last days of summer in the backyard making fun tie dyed pillow cases for your 9 year old nephew, or have him help you make a fun onesie for a little one on the way.

3. Make Your Own Windchimes. This one is a personal favorite, because your visual arts end up as musical art. How’s that for double duty? And you can recycle all sorts of old stuff like baby’s old toys. Details here.

4. Funny Face Cookies. Let’s face it- cookies are delish at any age, and you can make them a variety of ways. I love this recipe from Betty Crocker, but you can dress them up with dried blueberries for eyes and crushed walnuts for hair (for the blue-eyed kid with a buzz cut).

5. The Sneaker Coloring Book. Hipster, hip hopsters, and sneaker heads all agree that this book is divine. Our guess is that it’ll make getting dressed more fun for kids, too.

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