5 Health Benefits of Grilled Cheese

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There are health benefits of grilled cheese you need to know about before your next Netflix marathon. You’re welcome. 

Grilled cheese has to be the most popular sandwich in the world. There is even a day (April 12th) dedicated to the sandwich. It’s a combination of gooey cheese, toasted bread, and–in many cases–a condiment or addition that only makes it better. If you are looking for the perfect sandwich, look no further than everyone’s favorite cheese sammie!

But it turns out that grilled cheese sandwich is pretty healthy as well. You’ll find that there are a few health benefits of eating grilled cheese, including:

  1. Have more sex — While it’s not understood WHY grilled cheese sandwiches lead to more sex, a recent survey found that people who eat grilled cheese tend to have more sex than those who do not. 73% of grilled cheese eaters had sex at least once a month, while only 68% of non-grilled cheese eaters do. 38% of grilled cheese eaters had sex six times per month, while only 27% of non-eaters do. If you want to have more sex, it’s time to start eating more grilled cheese!
  2. You are a better person –– Once again, though the correlation isn’t understood, it has been proven that grilled cheese eaters are naturally better people. 81% of people who like grilled cheese have volunteered their time or donated food or money to people in need, compared to 66% of those who do not. 88% of grilled cheese fans like to travel and consider themselves adventurous, compared to 75% of those who don’t eat grilled cheese.

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  1. Your bones are much healthier — Cheese is one of the best sources of calcium on the planet. Yoghurt and milk also contain calcium, but the fat in cheese makes it easier for your body to process and absorb the nutrient. You end up with stronger bones thanks to all of the calcium in your cheese, not to mention healthier teeth and fingernails. One ounce of cheddar cheese (the stuff used in grilled cheese) will give you a whopping 20% of your total DV of calcium. Talk about bone-friendly food!
  2. Get more protein –– All dairy products are a good source of protein, and cheese is no exception. Cheese is rich in casein protein, a slow-digesting form that will give you amino acids for hours to come. If you want the perfect pre-bedtime protein snack, a grilled cheese sandwich is the way to go. You’ll absorb a lot of casein protein, which will help your body to make repairs overnight. Best of all, casein protein is filling, so you will be far less tempted to overeat after having that grilled cheese sandwich.
  3. Produce more energy — Cheese is an excellent source of phosphorus, the mineral that helps to regulate your metabolism and ensure that your body produces energy properly. You will find that phosphorus plays a huge role in the formation and repair of healthy tissue, and it is vital for healthy bones, teeth, and fingernails. Phosphorus is a mineral that you don’t mind in many foods, so the fact that you can get it from cheese is a good reason to add more grilled cheese to your weekly menu.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a “perfect” grilled cheese isn’t as healthy as you might like. The fact that you’re using white bread and butter means that it’s higher in calories and fat than is good. But if you’re willing to change up the recipe and get creative, you can make near perfect grilled cheese sandwiches using whole wheat bread, veggies, and healthy cheese.

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