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5 Hottest Athletes in the USA 2022

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When it comes to athletes/sportspeople, there are several qualities that make them a role-model for people in the US. This includes their self-confidence, optimism, and poise under stress. 

Their performance acts as a pillar of strength for the teams, fans, and also for other industries like sports betting. That’s because, during any tournament, say the NFL season, most NFL picks and NFL expert picks are decided as per the player’s performance. Any change in players’ performance turns the game (and betting prediction) upside down! 

Besides that, some athletes aren’t just famous for their skills but also for raising the bar with their hotness level. Who are those athletes?

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If you want to know, then read through:

Ronda Rousey

When it comes to UFC, Ronda Rousey has made headlines for her exclusive fights. But that’s not alone! Rousey is also one of the hottest athletes whose one pose is enough to make the fans go crazy over her. She is an example that women fighters can be flawless in both the octagon and real life! Who knows what supplements would give such youthful skin

Blair O’Neal

Known for her outstanding golfing skills and two-time NCAA long-drive championship title, Blair O’Neal is fantastic both on and off the field. Her blonde hair and perfect figure make her the hottest women player in the golf world. Not just that, you can’t get enough of those abs, can you?

Hilary Knight

People know her for being an Olympic-level ice hockey star, but she is surely more than that. The 33-year-old has been titled USA Hockey’s women’s player of the year. She was given the award for her record for most games played by any US player in the Olympics. Not just that, her fit body and beautiful appearance make her one of the hottest female athletes in the US.

John Cena

You can’t see him (pun intended), but he is drool-worthy if you do! The American professional wrestler is famous for his 17 WWE championships. Besides being an iconic player, his adorable dimples and huge biceps makes him an absolute hottie of the wrestling world. 

Johnny Hooper

Johnny Hooper is an American water polo player who played in the 2020 summer Olympics. The 25-year-old isn’t just talented, but his hot physique was a head-turner for the audience. Not to forget about his cute face, which adds up to his overall hotness.  

Hot, aren’t they? Now that we are done with our iconic list, who do you think is the hottest of them all! 

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