5 Tips to Have a Pleasant Bottoming

Fiber for bottoming
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We can all agree that love is a beautiful thing, and all living creatures are blessed to experience it one way or another. But when you first encounter the wondrous world of gay sex, some dilemmas may occur, like:

“Top or bottom?”

And while there are lots of rumors rummaging about the gay bottoming part (as if it’s like a crusade or a huge sacrifice one can take in order to satisfy the other), we want to shake off those stigma crumbles and prep you for a pleasant experience.

Shoutout to all the bottoms, and if you’re a top (or vice versa), continue reading because you will definitely find some useful tips!

colonbroom fiber for bottoming

Preparation Is Half the Battle

Bottoming for the first time and don’t know what to expect? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. 

There are a lot of opinions and advice out there on how to be an expert, but what you need to do is simply prepare yourself physically and emotionally; it requires some homework, but hey – that’s why we’re here.

5 Tips on How to Amp Up Your Bottom Game

  1. Don’t starve yourself

Skipping meals is going to do you more harm than good. You need to eat so you can have enough energy to bottom in the first place. Don’t eat spicy food, bread, and sweets, lay off anything greasy or with a red sauce if you know you’ll be bottoming in the next 24 hours. Go with protein bars, a couple of fiber wafers, and plenty of water for the 12 hours leading up. That way, you can be more relaxed and not worry about any accidents that could put a damper on an otherwise fun evening.

  1. Have a high-fiber diet

You might have an accident as a bottom, but to prevent that, you can enrich your diet with fiber. Fiber diet = your insides are pretty much cleaning themselves. Take it as a healthy version of self-douching. Fiber technically doesn’t really digest, but it goes through the digestion process and pulls other waste to it as it goes. Like a binder or a magnet, it collects and builds into solid waste. More fiber means a more complete elimination cycle, so less extraneous refuse lounging around.

  1. Douching time! 

Flushing out your peach is a no-brainer, but yes – it might sound scary or uncomfortable at first. Basically, what you do is you use a certain little douche-tool by inserting it in your pinkberry and squirting some water up there. And you repeat the process for a couple of rounds. As a result, you should empty out all the “bad stuff.” Be gentle when you clean; otherwise, you’ll get a fissure. It’s worth mentioning not to over-douche – too much can damage your bum and take out the natural lube in your peach.

Try this cheap, top-rated anal douche. It’ll be your new go-to.

Pro Tip #1: Avoid soap; it can be harsh on your a-hole, especially when it gets… in.

Pro Tip #2: Lube up the nozzle before inserting it in. It will ease up the process (please, don’t shove it in with force, spare your peach 🙌).

  1. There’s no such thing as “too much lube”

Smooth entering is a go-to ticket to a successful session. The one and only thing to remember: oil-based lubes are NOT condom-safe. Silicone lubes, on the other hand, are ma-gi-cal, silky, slippery, work underwater, last for a long time, and will guarantee you bliss. Get a lifetime supply of it.

This popular lube is perfect for your rear. It won’t irritate. Oh boy.

  1. Relax

Remember that this experience works both emotionally and physically. Building up the vibes is just never a waste of time. Deep breaths, encourage the partner to loosen you up slowly first, cuddle to get into the right headspace, bring snacks/drinks and lube, and make sure you express any concerns with them via open communication. Don’t think too much about how clean you may or may not be during it; it can seriously kill the mood.

Practice makes perfect, and after using some of the tips, your kinky night should be smooth sailing. 🍑 

Fiber + Bottoming? 

A friendly reminder: Everyone, gay or straight, top or bottom, should eat some fiber every day.

Keeping track of fiber foods that are in the “safe zone” for bottoms is difficult and time-consuming. A perfect substitute for that can be fiber supplements. They are called supplements for a reason. Make it as an add-on to the nutritional basis and enjoy the results of a healthy gut!

For pleasant, heavenly relief (if you have messed-up digestion) and for a natural body cleanse, you can try ColonBroom, a strawberry-flavored powder-form supplement. This brand helps with regular bowel movement, and its main component is psyllium husk which is basically a high-fiber ingredient. The bottle contains 0 sugar and uses stevia to boost up the taste. Some other brands use sucralose or even sugar that is proven to have downside effects on weight, gut health, and blood sugar levels.

colonbroom shades of poop and fiber facts

Check them here, and if you’re not a fan of strawberries, it’s okay. Actually, there are many fiber supplement options available; as long as it contains psyllium husk as the main ingredient – you’re good to go.

The fiber in the supplement acts as a sponge that really soaks up all the material and lets that nice solid mass pass smoothly through your body. Bottoms, get some psyllium husk. Seriously.

The Bottom Line (pardon the pun)

Being a bottom is great. Always remember to talk things out with your partner – communication is key to avoiding hurt feelings. Talk about what you want, what feels good, and, most importantly, what does not feel good. Douche it out, fiber up, get rid of those mental blocks, and dive into the experience!

This post was sponsored but was written in the tone and humor of our editorial content from TheLuxurySpot’s regular writing staff.

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