Travelling in Winter: Three Essential Tips for the Cold Season

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Nature all around is covered in a protective blanket of snow and ice, and in the light of the sun, it turns into a glittering winter landscape. It’s a sight you can’t afford to miss, cold or not! Instead of skiing on the slopes, you can enjoy the cold season on hikes in the snow-covered forests or to snow-covered mountain peaks and frozen lakes. We reveal three useful tips that you should keep in mind when travelling or hiking in winter.


You’ve probably heard about this principle – you layer several items of clothing on top of each other when getting dressed, to avoid both freezing and sweating. The big advantage is you can adapt to the weather on the go and simply take one layer off or put it on again. Don’t forget about the right functional underwear. The functional underwear lies directly on the skin, transports moisture from the inside to the outside, and thus protects you from cooling down. It must fit as closely as possible to the body.

The second layer, the “mid-layer” should shield your body from the icy temperatures outside. It can consist of several layers, such as two fleece sweaters. In extreme cold, synthetic fiber, down or softshell jackets provide optimal insulation protection.

The third and outermost layer of the onion look, the “shell layer” forms your protection against wind and weather, rain, and snow. It is therefore particularly important that the outer layer is still breathable. Depending on the weather, hard-shell or close-fitting softshell jackets are suitable.


To avoid wet and cold feet, make sure your hiking boot is waterproof and well insulated. The sole of the shoe should give you enough grip on snow and ice. In addition, you can also “upgrade” your shoe with warm insoles and/or thick sports socks – depending on how quickly you get cold feet. 


If you’ve been out in the icy winter air for a while, there’s one treasure in your pack you’ll be especially happy to have: a thermos flask with a delicious, warming hot drink. A sip of hot tea (or coffee) will warm you from the inside while keeping you hydrated. Or try the following drink: a few pieces of fresh ginger brewed with hot water, plus lemon and honey. The ginger has warming properties and additionally heats you with its slight spiciness.


Dressed in functional clothes, with suitable winter hiking boots and a hot drink in your luggage, you can brave the icy cold with confidence. If you plan your tour according to the season, you should also think of the right sun protection. Then you are well prepared for your winter hike or winter travel! Even if you aren’t a fan of travelling in winter and you’d rather gamble your favorite online casino games (to check it, see this Canadian gambling games online )or watch Netflix at home, travelling in the winter season can be stunning with these essential tips. The most important thing about travelling or hiking in winter is about keeping your body warm. If you have managed it, then get out into the fresh, wintry air! 

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