5 Ways to add an Organic Touch to your Modern Home

Written by Gary

Lighting is the easiest way to make a statement without spending a bunch of money. This Light Block lamp is gorgeous when turned on.

I always find that the best way to decorate is to create an eclectic mix of modern and traditional styles. It is really easy to fall into the trap of making everything too modern, however, and you may end up living in a space that resembles the inside of a space ship. The easiest way to circumvent this is to add things to your interior that have a modern shape and feel, but are made with traditional, or organic materials. This will give you the modern vibe that you want, but keep your design aesthetic down-to-Earth. Here are five items that would work in any interior that calls for a modern, yet organic touch.

A shelving unit this large is a commitment. Decorate it with more traditional nick-nacks to keep the balance in design.

This Coat Range gets the Earth-conscious idea across in a subtle way.

This hollow utility table is versatile because it can be used as a console, desk, or server.

Chairs are a great investment piece because they don’t have to match the table. The table can be industrial, sleek and modern, or traditional, and can be changed as much as you want without getting rid of the chairs.

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