50 Weird Dog Names for Your Hipster Pooch

Written by zoe

Don’t be that person that names your dog Scooby. Have some originality and name your dog something cool that isn’t repeated by seven other people at the dog park. Plus, all your friends from Williamsburg will probably be super impressed.

Here are some of the best weird dog names for your hipster pooch.

  1. Brooklyn. What’s more hipster than that?
  2. Abraham.
  3. George.
  4. Really any president’s name for that matter.
  5. Mustache. “Come here, Mustache!”
  6. Hashtag.
  7. Cat.
  8. Kentucky.
  9. Montana.
  10. I guess any state could do. Except California. 
  11. Suitcase. “I’m taking Suitcase to the dog park!”
  12. Floral.
  13. Patagonia.
  14. Jack Rogers, just to be ironic.
  15. Spotify. That’s actually kind of cute?
  16. Canon. Make sure remind people that it’s not after Nick Cannon.
  17. Nikon.
  18. Doc.
  19. Matrix.
  20. Abbot Kinney.
  21. Kale.
  22. Soul Cycle. Another great one for when you’re feeling ironic. 
  23. Kate Spade.
  24. Orlando.
  25. Delevingne. People will probably ask how to spell it. 
  26. Drip.
  27. Airborne.
  28. Chopsticks.
  29. Wang.
  30. Alexander.
  31. Alexander Wang. It’s all hip. 
  32. Converse.
  33. #NoFilter.
  34. Warby. Let me guess, you have the ‘Downing’ frames?
  35. Flea.
  36. Vicky Cristina Barcelona.
  37. Ham. 
  38. Christmas. Celebrate all year long. 
  39. The Gap.
  40. Anthony. Basic = hipster. 
  41. Hakuna Matata.
  42. Wool.
  43. Mason Jar.
  44. Herschel. I mean… 
  45. Android.
  46. Waze. Always going the weirdest way possible…
  47. Interstellar. 
  48. District 9.
  49. Sean Paul.
  50. Lorde. *Mic drop*

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