86 Year Old Glam Grandma Just Got Married… and she’s gorgeous

Written by Bryce

An 86 year old glam grandma just got married in New Jersey, because #relationshipgoals.

This 86 year old glam grandma, Millie Taylor-Morrison, even designed her own purple wedding gown to wear on her big day when she wed Harold Morrison. The New Jersey couple has created a big stir on social media thanks to Millie’s granddaighter, Khadija, and the world just generally needing to see more positive acts of love.

The 86 year old bride is more elegant than many women half her age

The 86 year old bride is more elegant than many women half her age

You see, Millie was a widow for the past 25 years until she and Harold tied the knot last week. Apparently they had known each other for over 60 years (Harold was even a guest at her first wedding), and reconnected through their local church in New Jersey. When Harold fell sick, Millie would pick him up and bring him to church each Sunday morning.

Millie and Harold share their first dance

Millie and Harold share their first dance


“Age is just a number and everyone can find love again,” Millie shared. The celebratory social media post has been shared over 8,000 times and has nearly 100,000 reactions — all because love is beautiful and obviously both ageless and timeless.

Is this the best news you’ve seen today, or what?

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