A Bit of Brit-Pop to Get You Through Your Wednesday

It is time for your mid-day, and mid-week pick me up. I know the weather is far from perfect and according to my iPhone it is about to start to rain/snow any minute. But why focus on the negative when in less than a minute you will listen to a fantastic song that will change your entire mood!

I have always felt that whenever I am feeling lazy, tired, or upset, the only thing that can do the trick to make me feel better is listening to music. In my opinion, music is even better than going on vacation, getting a drink, or going out with friends.

The Arctic Monkeys are definitely one of the best bands to emerge from London, since Radiohead and Oasis conquered these shores. This track in particular is off of the album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. I think I may like that title almost as much as the song. Front man Alex Turner, allegedly wrote this song about his then girlfriend, and now style-icon and It-Girl, Alexa Chung.

Without further ado, Ladies and gentleman, this is the Arctic Monkeys A Certain Romance.

Warning: You may be inclined to jump out of your chair and burst into song and dance when you see this. In that case, you may get in trouble by your boss, or at least get weird looks from those around you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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