A Functional Truck That is Literally Made of Ice

Canadian tire ice truck
Written by Gary

All I am going to say is: Only in Canada. A company called Canadian Tire in Zurich, Ontario decided there was no better way to advertise their Motomaster Eliminator Ultra battery (yes, that is the real name) than to build a functional truck out of 14,000 pounds of ice.

Canadian tire ice truck
The Motomaster Eliminator Ultra Battery (I reiterate, the real name) is made to work at subzero temperatures since in Canada they choose to live in an icy tundra, so the company built a frozen truck, froze the battery, and actually made it work. The body of the truck was a GMC Silverado, fitted with a steel frame, covered with ice, and then chiseled down to look just like the truck I lost my virginity in.
It took a few test drives, but they got the truck to work, and actually set a new world record.
First we have a polar vortex freezing the entire country, then we have people building vehicles out of blocks of ice, thus I can’t help but feel we are only a few degrees from some angry ex wife using her nipples to stab her old husband to death.
Happy winter, people!

Canadian tire ice truck

Canadian tire ice truck

Canadian tire ice truck

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