A Great Facial… cheap!

Written by Bryce

Is this the best picture ever taken of me? No, but it’s a real one.

A couple weeks ago I was invited to try the new 60 Minute Vitamin Boosting Facial by Susu at Soluna Skincare in NYC. I didn’t know what to expect when I went in because I had never heard of Soluna, but by the time I left I had glowing skin that lasted for nearly a week.

The facial-giving-genius that worked miracles on my skin was a middle aged woman named Susu that claimed to have a son in his 30’s. I could hardly believe it because looking at her you’d never think she’s a day over 32, and I think it’s always a good sign for skincare specialists to look healthy, vibrant, and young. She immediately addressed my thoughts and concerns regarding my skin, asking if I experience breakouts or have any major damage she should know about. I told her that I don’t get to sleep nearly as much as I’d like and that I’d love her forever if she could find a way to make my skin seem well-rested, bright, and ready for the action of a 19 year old. She immediately starting opening jars of fruit pastes and tonics, combining them like a produce sorceress.

An hour later, several blueberries on my face, a cooling mask, and a fabulous shoulder and neck massage later, I was done. My skin was glowing, and I was thrilled because I had a giant photo shoot later that night. I was super impressed because I never thought that some magical fruit potions, and one hour in an unsuspecting office building would result in near-perfect skin.

Soluna Skincare is offering the following services for Spa Week, April 11-17 for only $50:

  • 50 Min Aroma Swedish Massage with Custom Blended Essential Oils
  • 60 Min Vitamin Boosting Facial (that’s what I had!)
  • 60 Min Back Cleansing Facial with Extractions

Soluna Skincare
22 East 21st Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010

You can call Soluna Skincare directly to get the Spa Week $50 deal, or try one of their other treatments (note to readers: they have some pretty high-tech equipment there). Spa Week is also offering about a bajillion other incredible services for $50… check it out.

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