A Home Office That Doesn’t Suck

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Tetra Shed is the new home office away from home!

Working from home definitely has it’s perks, but when there’s a big comfy couch, no boss on site and a bajillion other things you could possibly be doing, let’s just say you tend to get a wee bit distracted. Okay, I lied, you tend to get WAY distracted. Like researching pointless shit all day distracted.

Anyway, now, thanks to the Tetra Shed from Innovation Imperative, you can finally separate home and work life. Because, let’s be honest, who said your home office had to actually be attached to your casa? Wouldn’t you rather walk out back and work all day in this rad, modular space? We know we would. Too bad they expect to retail for a whopping $24,000. Oh well, maybe someday…

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