Why “A Perfect 14” Is The Movie The Modeling Industry Needs

Written by corey

A new movie about the world of plus size modeling is just the ticket. 

When it comes to the world of modeling, there are a lot of things that can be seen as offensive and not really as welcoming. We can all admit that it may not be for everyone but beauty comes in all different sizes. Forget the girls you see in the pages of Elle and Vogue because they are at standards that only a graphic designer can achieve.


“It means nothing. Plus what?” says one of the models in the teaser trailer. It really makes you think. Is there a difference in the beauty between the girls on the flyer than those in Victoria’s Secret ads? Not really.

To be honest, I would much rather see these beautiful woman in the pages of magazines. There are some models that speak out about the image they project on younger woman (and men) that can cause them to feel ashamed of their bodies but that doesn’t necessarily change anything. The movie focuses on Elly Mayday, Laura Wells, and Kerosene Deluxe. All three models are changing the way that the “plus size” modeling industry is viewed. It’s an exciting movie because these women are doing their best to break down the boxes that everyone is put into based on size. We’re all about acceptance no matter what.


A Perfect 14: Teaser Trailer from O’Brien Films on Vimeo.



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